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Hi there!

My name is Paul Quek.

I am from Singapore ... yeah ... the "fine" city ... on account of the many "fines" you -- or any of the unwary -- can incur! Like: S$1,000 fine, or S$500 fine -- for this or that (e.g., littering; smoking in places where smoking is banned, eating and/or drinking in places where eating and drinking are banned).

Anyway ... on to the REALLY SERIOUS STUFF (RSS) ...

Actually, RSS here means Really Simple Syndication... and it's really simple!

Many times online we see ads to buy this and/or that ebook. Or, this and/or software. All of it promising to make you an "overnight success"!

The sad thing, as you probably know, is:

A so-called "overnight success"
just (or more probably) doesn't exist.

Don't let that discourage you though.

"Why not?" you are probably (and cynically) asking.

Well, there are many ways to create an income online.

As a matter of fact you should have multiple streams of income ONLINE to be a real success ONLINE.

Look around at the top earners online, like LIZ TOMEY and STEPHEN PIERCE.

Do they just have ONE thing that makes them money?

Of course not...

They have multiple things that make them money.

So today, I want to give you a TOTALLY FREE resource (unless you choose otherwise) that will teach you one way that you can instantly start earning some money online. It's quick and easy and doesn't require any further work once you set it up once. You can check it out by going to

RSS Cash Secrets

Let this be your first step in creating just one stream of income that will make you money online.

You've got to start out small (unless you are willing to simply throw money away, at this or that!) ...

And by starting with

RSS Cash Secrets

you'll be able to start with something quick and easy and then decide how to make money from it.

So grab your FREE MEMBERSHIP and get started today, by simply clicking on the following:

RSS Cash Secrets

To your success!

-- Paul Quek

P.S. Read on for more guidance / details ...

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Quick And Easy Content Site Profits

A lot of people are making a lot of money off of content sites these days.

Content sites are simply just nice looking sites with content on them. If you can use a WYSIWYG editor, and write a short article, you can build a content site.

They do take a lot of work though!

One way that you can quickly and easily build content sites is to use RSS feeds. Many people are against using RSS feeds for content for their sites because of the duplicate content filters. However, there are tools out there that you can use so that duplicate content isn't an issue.

By adding RSS feeds to your site, you have instant content. You can search for niche RSS feeds on thousands upon thousands of topics, and find a few that are related to the niche that your site is related to. You don't want to use just any RSS feed. Make sure that the RSS feed will put relevant ads on your content site.

Here are the "quick and dirty" five steps to creating a content site using nothing but RSS feeds:

1. Pick your niche.

2. Find RSS feeds by searching RSS feed directories, article sites, and blogs. Make sure that you do have the right to use the feed though. Some sites don't want you to use their RSS feed.

3. Use an RSS aggregator to turn your RSS feeds into code that you can place into your website.

4. Build your site and place the code your RSS aggregator generated and place that on your site to fill it up with content.

5. Add other resources to your site to make it look nice and add value to your visitor.

There's a lot more that goes into it, but that's the basics. I can't cover the exact "how to's" here, but you can get FREE step-by-step VIDEO tutorial from

RSS Cash Secrets

that will show you how to do all the above and more!

Once you've got your content site setup, you'll want to MONETIZE it in some way. Be it Adsense, YPN, other PPC networks, selling links and/or ads, affiliate programs, etc.

The FREE resource

RSS Cash Secrets

also covers the monetization aspects of building these easy content sites too. I highly recommend that you head over there right now, and grab the FREE VIDEO tutorial. There's no catch. It really is a FREE VIDEO tutorial. You'll get the FULL tutorial, all the resources, and more and it won't cost you a dime!

Okay ... I hope I've shed some light on content sites for you. There's no better time than now to get started ...

Check this out! -- FREE Resource:

RSS Cash Secrets

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How To Profit From Automatically Updating Content Sites

In this quick guide, I'd like to show you how you can quickly and easily build content sites that require you to do a little setup work in the beginning but will continually update themselves on autopilot. First let's talk about what a content site is. We'll then get into how to build then, and finally how to profit from them.

A content site is a site that is targeted to a specific niche. Usually it's a smaller niche and not a huge niche like for example animals. Instead a content site would be on a smaller niche like dogs. All the content on the site is totally on that one smaller niche. I'm sure you've visited many content sites without even knowing what type of sites they were.

The great thing about content sites is that anyone can easily develop and profit from them. Many people think this is a hard task but with some simple tools and knowledge it can be very easy to do. So let's dive right into creating content sites and the steps you'll need to follow.

The first thing you'll need to do is pick a niche for your content site. It can be something your interested in or something that you just think of off the top of your head. Don't let picking a niche take up a lot of your time. It's really easy to do. Just pick something as your first niche as a "practice run". Once you've learned how to set them up then you can worry more about selecting the right niche.

Once you've picked your niche you'll then need to do some keyword to build your content site around. This can easily be done with any type of keyword research tool. If you search online you can find many different keyword research tools both free and paid. Do some research and pick on that will fit you and your budget.

Now here's where the fun begins. Pick a template to use for your content site. You can also find both free and paid templates online by searching around in any search engine. By using a template, you can choose how you want your site to look without having to know how to actually design and build a site. Once you have a template, load it up to your site and get ready to add your automatically updating content to it.

This automatically updating content will come from RSS feeds that you add to your site. You can search for RSS feeds by going to blog directories or RSS directories around the web. Even some article directories will provide you with RSS feeds. These are probably my favorite feeds to use because the content is usually very good. Be sure to use your keywords to find RSS feeds related to your niche.

The best thing about using RSS feeds is that you don't have to create the content. Other people create the content and by using their RSS feed the content is placed onto your site. Each time they add new content your site gets new content without you having to do anything. But how? That's a good question...

In order to add an RSS feed to your site, you'll need to use some kind of RSS aggregator. You can find both free and paid ones online that will give you instructions on how to use them to add RSS feeds to your site. Most are very easy to use, so don't let this big "techy" term scare you.

After you've your site setup with the RSS feeds added to it, you'll have complete automatically updating content site. Now let's talk about the different options you have for profiting with your content sites. This is where your work will literally pay off.

There are many ways to profit from your content sites. I personally only use three different ways. I sell links from my sites, I place Adsense ads on my sites, or I sell them for immediate profit. You can do any of these things and make a great income from every content site that you create. Using RSS feeds will allow you to set them up and forget about them, so there's no work involved after your initial setup.

Creating automatically updating content sites is a great way to create a nice income stream quickly and easily. I encourage you to take what you've learned from this quick guide and do more research so you can get started right now!

Want to learn more about creating and profiting from automatically updating content sites?

RSS Cash Secrets

is giving away a FREE video tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through creating your own automatically updating content sites. You'll also learn the exact steps to creating an insane income with three easy income plans using nothing but the content sites that you create!


RSS Cash Secrets


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How To Profit From RSS Feeds Quickly And Easily

If you've been on the net long at all, I'm sure you've hear of RSS feeds. Basically an RSS feed is a file format that's used to syndicate content. By having an RSS feed for your content, you could be having your content published all around the Internet.

There are many ways to use RSS feeds to profit from, and in this quick guide we'll discuss several of those ways. Let's dig in right now so you can get a good start to profiting with RSS feeds.

  1. A great way to profit with an RSS feed is to use them to create content sites. There are a few easy steps you have to follow, but once you build your content site your work is done. By using an RSS feed for the content your site will automatically update with new content each time the RSS feed is updated. It's very "set it and forget it".

  2. Starting your own RSS feed directory is another great way to profit from RSS feeds. People who syndicate their content through RSS feeds want their content all over the Internet. They're always searching for more ways to get their content out their and RSS feed directories are a great source for them. You could monetize your directory by selling advertising, affiliate products, and even placing PPC ads on your directory.

  3. Besides a regular RSS feed directory you could create podcast and videocast feed directories too. These would only be for those who publish a podcast or for those who publish a videocast. Both podcasting and videocasting are on the rise technologies, so this could be a great way to make some money.

  4. Here's a no brainer... Create your own content and make an RSS feed for it. You could promote anything you wanted inside your content to make you money. Submit it to RSS directories and watch as your content virally spreads across the internet. This is a great way to make money via an RSS feed if you create your content in the right ways.

  5. Now here's something that I haven't seen anyone do but would make someone a killing. Offer premium RSS feeds. You could either charge for paid content or even have premium unique content developed and charge people to use the feeds on their sites.

Now that's only five ways to make money with RSS feeds, and I could go on and on, but I just wanted to give you a few ideas to get your mind going. You can pick any of the above strategies or think up your own. Once you have decided on a strategy, create a plan to carry it out and make money from it.

As you can see RSS feeds are still a relatively new technology and as time goes on, it will develop more and more. By getting in now, you have the potential to make the most money. So, take what you've learned here, do your own research and get started today!

Want to learn more about creating and profiting from automatically updating content sites?

RSS Cash Secrets

is giving away a free video tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through creating your own automatically updating content sites. You'll also learn the exact steps to creating an insane income with three easy income plans using nothing but the content sites that you create! Get your free membership from

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RSS Cash Secrets Review

RSS Cash Secrets is a brand new site that teaches you how to create money making content sites with RSS feeds. It is free to join, but there's also a paid option. In this review I'll go in depth about what you get for free, what you get for being a paid members, and which option would be best for you.

First off, this site is great for total newbies and pros alike. For the newbies you'll learn how to quickly and easily build a content site. If you've never done anything like this before, you could probably have a site up and going in as little as 30 minutes once you have collected the resources you'll need.

Stuff like, free templates, an RSS aggregator (which is explained inside the membership), an FTP program and a program to edit HTML in. Almost all of this stuff is free with the exception of the RSS aggregator, but it's a must. Actually, I think you can even find a free RSS aggregator online. Most are hard to use which is why I'm sure the site owner is recommending the paid one because it's SO easy to use.

When you become a free member, you'll get access to the 50 minute video tutorial that will walk you through every single step of setting up a content site using RSS feeds. The RSS feeds will allow your site to continually be updated with updating content. Search engines love new content and since your site is using RSS feeds it will ALWAYS have new content each and every time the search engines visit your site.

The video also teaches you three very easy ways to make money off your site. This was probably my favorite part of the entire membership. Doing nothing but creating websites to make money is my kind of business. I never have to deal with products or anything like that. I just build the sites and drive traffic to make my money. Very easy to do and I can do it whenever I want.

Now I did upgrade to the Gold Level membership which cost me $37. As soon as you sign up you're presented with a special offer to get a Gold Level membership with many more benefits I'll tell you about in the minute, but there's a catch. The regular price for upgrading is $67, but you only have the one chance to upgrade to Gold at the $37 price so if you're going to do it, do it then. If not, you'll have to pay $67 if you ever want to upgrade.

Okay, as a Gold Member, you get...

The entire process broken down into 11 more in depth videos. Now the free membership gives you one big 50 minute video and it's really good, but to learn how to make big money with these sites and learn some insider tips and tricks you'r going to want to upgrade.

Plus, as a Gold Level member you'll also get 25 great looking niche templates that were specifically designed for these kind of sites. You can edit them or use them as is for your content sites. They really make the sites look good!

Not only that, but you also get access to the member's only forum. I thought ... "big deal" ... until I got on the forum. The site has traffic communities for you where members of the site are actually helping each other get traffic in many ways. It's like a traffic/advertising co-op that wont cost you in money. These are brilliant traffic strategies and this alone was worth the $37 to upgrade.

The forum also allows you to buy, sell, and/or trade links and/or sites. Getting links to your site will allow you to get traffic and selling your sites here will allow you to make some quick cash. Definitely worth the price of membership.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my Gold Level membership and highly recommend that you signup and get yours today. Using what's taught in RSS Cash Secrets is an awesome way to make some extra income or a full time one! You can get your membership by going to

RSS Cash Secrets

Questions or comments? Get in touch with me (Paul Quek) at: